Family Partnership Planning and Implementation Process

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Our Process

This video highlights the Family Partnership Planning and Implementation Process (FP-PIP), which outlines a way that school site teams can develop strong family partnership plans.

6 Best Practice Areas

Set the Tone here

Leaders create a vision and expectation for each school about the importance of family partnerships and a plan that is interwoven throughout the school. Everyone understands the plan and their individual role.

Build Authentic Relationships

Fostering an environment of respect between students, families, and school staff. Schools demonstrate their belief that families have expertise and play an important role in the academic success of students.

Link Student Learning Between Home and School

Staff provide regular and timely ways to keep families informed of their students’ progress and help families understand what they can do to support their children's learning. Staff are proactive in finding ways to hear from families about what they want and need to support their children’s learning.

Create an Equitable School Community

Making sure all students and families receive the resources they need, when they need them, and in a way that increases everyone feeling welcomed and valued.

Share Power and Decision-Making

Schools and students do better when families and staff work together and share leadership. When decision-making or advisory groups are representative and inclusive, and work in alignment with others partners, this ensures more voices and ideas are part of the decisions being made.

Support Navigating SFUSD

Assisting families to navigate through transitions: into and out of schools, between grades, and between different learning experiences. Making SFUSD resources transparent and accessible so more families have access.

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